Is it an ash tree?

The first step to determining whether you have Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is to make sure your tree is actually an ash. EAB only attacks ash trees, so if it’s not an ash, you don’t have EAB! Follow these three simple steps to identify an ash:

  1. Look at your tree’s branches. If the branches are directly across from one another and not staggered, then move to step two.
  2. Look at the leaves. If your tree has groups of leaflets that are joined by a stalk, not a single leaf joined by a stalk to the stem, then move to step three.
  3. Keep looking at the leaves. If the group of leaflets has 5 to 9 leaves clumped together with smooth edges, rather than 3 to 5 leaves with toothed and rugged edges, then you probably have an ash. It’s time to give your ash a preliminary check-up and see if the signs point to EAB!

For more information on how to how to identify your ash, click here (courtesy of Dave Roberts, Michigan State University) or