Trees should be an asset to your property. To enhance this long-term investment, proper care and maintenance is necessary. All Urban Tree Specialists’ tree care solutions are performed by ISA Certified Arborists to ensure these assets don’t become a liability from lack of proper care.

Value-added “Whole Property” evaluations enable us to offer you the best tree solutions for the long-term care of your property. The overall value and safety of your environment is enhanced by addressing all tree needs, rather than just one isolated issue.

Tree Pruning

We provide structural pruning for proper form, as well as stability and longevity. Selective structural pruning also gives you additional clearance over your yard, house, office, signage, and/or lighting; resulting in better air movement, additional sunlight, and less debris in your gutters. [...]

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Tree Removal

A Certified Arborist is qualified to help you decide if a tree should be removed. Urban Tree Specialists view tree removal as a last resort, although there are cases when it is necessary. [...]

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Stump Removal

Stump removal is recommended in most cases. [...]

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Plant Health Care

Urban Tree Specialists considers a comprehensive plant health care system to include the following [...]

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Preservation & Consultation

Ideally, a Certified Arborist is contacted for consultation during the planning stages of a construction project where trees are to be impacted. Valuable trees may be preserved if appropriate measures are taken in advance to protect root zones, trunks, and canopies. [...]

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Cabling & Bracing

Trees in a naturally wooded habitat are usually not a threat to people or structures. However, trees close to houses and areas frequented by people must be maintained and kept structurally sound to mitigate hazards. [...]

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Educational Presentations

Is your organization or group interested in hearing more about Urban Tree Specialists' services from its Certified Arborists? Are you interested in partnering up to educate others on the environmental benefits of trees and their proper care? [...]

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Tree topping is the large scale removal or cutting back of the large, mature branches on trees. This mutilating method leaves significant open wounds on trees that are easily subject to disease and decay. It immediately injures the tree, decreases the tree’s natural life span, and detracts from the natural appearance of the tree.

Spur or Spike Living Trees

Spurs / spikes / gaffs are not used in trimming operations, but may be used to safely remove a tree. The technique of using spurs or spikes to climb a tree leaves multiple wounds in a tree’s cambium (layer of growth cells in between the bark and wood), and these become entry points for insects, disease and decay.

Prune Susceptible Species in Spring and Summer

Due to disease and pest susceptibility, we strongly encourage you to avoid having work performed on your Oaks, American Elms, Scots and Austrian Pines during the months from April-August. A UTS Certified Arborist will advise you on the best timing for tree pruning.