Why Hire An Arborist?

Proper tree care is an investment in your property which can lead to substantial returns. There are a variety of services an Arborist can provide to help you maintain the value of your investment.

  1. Safety
    Certified Arborists are trained to the highest standards of safety and protection. As you can image, there are many risks associated with being a tree worker. Not only is a tree worker high above the ground, but they are using equipment that is only as safe as the person using it. In order to pass the Certified Arborist exam, one must know what to do in an emergency situation, as well as know how to perform an aerial rescue.
  2. Insurance
    A reputable arborist will have insurance to cover personal and property damage as well as worker’s compensation. If you hire an uninsured service, you may be held liable for any damages or injuries that may occur during the job on your property.
  3. Professional Affiliations
    In addition to being certified with ISA, reputable arborists will be affiliated with other professional industry organizations. These affiliations demonstrate a willingness to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, information, and adherence to best industry practices.

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To read more about the benefits of hiring a certified arborist:  ISA Certified Arborist (PDF)

What Is A Certified Arborist?

An Arborist is a professional who is properly trained in the art and science of caring for and maintaining trees. They have been through a comprehensive certification program highlighting safe techniques and proper practice. They will assist you in maintaining the investment and value that properly cared for trees add to your property.

For maximum productivity and safety, an arborist has to balance both scientific knowledge and practical skill. Most people could learn how to make a proper cut in normal circumstances, but doing so while on the top of a towering tree in the blowing wind is another ball game.
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